Solaris the Hii Priestess: Tarot, twerking, and Embracing the Divine Feminine

It’s been three days since I sat down with Solaris the Hii Priestess, and her words still echo in my head. We met at her apartment, a cozy, plant filled space with a selection of records hanging on the wall. While I’d followed Solaris for a few months, and had just seen her giving readings and dancing at the Unfiltered show the night before, this was my first time sitting down with her face to face.

There’s an immediate warmth to Solaris, so it’s no surprise when she describes her first reading as easy: “I naturally feel like I make people feel comfortable because I’m goofy... Whoever I read, I feel very connected to them, so the first time was very easy for me.” Tarot reading is something she’s been practicing on her friends since high school, a nod to the lineage of relatives who practice voodoo on her dad’s side of the family.

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Although she was attracted to the occult from an early age (things like witches and vampires), she was resistant to tarot herself at first, citing her Christian upbringing for the discomfort. “I knew that it was taboo, but once I started going on my own spiritual journey I got comfortable with it.”

Solaris brought her readings to the public just less than a year ago at a local bar. “It was a Halloween party that was my debut to the world.. I knew people would be less resistant to it because it was Halloween.” Since then, she’s created a life and business for herself surrounding this passion. When I ask her about the best and worst parts of being an entrepreneur, she explains: “My favorite part is connecting with people and actually making a living off of my passion. My least favorite part… I don’t think I have a least favorite part, actually.”

So what is she the most excited about right now? Working with other open-minded women in the metaphysical realm, and that work is materializing in Austin at the end of September in a very unique fashion.

“I’m doing a Twerk & Tarot workshop with a twerk instructor named Ladi Earth - she’s absolutely awesome and very in touch with her sensual and sexual side. The whole workshop is about helping women get into their sexual energy and be comfortable with it, like getting into that feminine goddess aspect of themselves…. we want to focus on how to give a proper lap dance to your partner on the floor and all that kinda good stuff. We’ll do some love spells, I’ll be doing some love readings for some of the ladies, and we’ll have some wine so everybody can feel loose and feel comfortable.”

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Her goal for the workshop is for each woman to leave feeling comfortable in her own feminine energy. “I really want to target specifically women who have been in a relationship for a long time with someone because it’s really easy to not feel sexy anymore to your partner because they’ve seen you in every way - naturally, dressed up, whatever - so you have to find new ways to reinvent yourself to keep your relationship spicy. I want women to be able to get in touch with their goddess side, feel comfortable with being sexual, feel comfortable with their own bodies no matter what their body type is - just to feel comfortable to do it. And if not, we can just put a spell on your partner and they’ll never leave you.” Sounds like a win-win situation all around, right?

The Twerk & Tarot workshop is for ladies only, but that might expand in the future. “Maybe I will create a workshop where it can be targeted towards couples or whoever wants to come, all genders, where you can bring your partner in, learn how to meditate and talk to each other, figure out your love language.”

Whether or not you attend her upcoming workshop, any chance you have to receive a reading from Solaris is one that should be taken. She performed a 3 card reading for me after our chat, and it’s had a significant impact on my day-to-day experience since. She graced me with some hard-hitting words and gave me some of the best advice that I’m surprised I’ve never heard before: “You should put it out for other people to read because that’s therapy in itself, when you realize that people can relate to whatever it is that you’re going through.”

“That’s therapy in itself, when you realize that people can relate to whatever it is that you’re going through.”

Solaris’ current work lays the framework for her five year dream of owning her own metaphysical space that’s filled with spells, holistic health essentials (like yoni eggs and herbal teas), and workshops for people to learn how to heal themselves with plants, rather than become dependent on medications. The combination of her background in psychology and her focus on holistic health makes her a powerhouse for healing. It’s clear that this work is a passion of hers, and if you’re open to the experience, she can help you to ignite your passion, too.

Ready for an awakening of your own? Loosen up with Solaris at Twerk & Tarot, follow her on IG for daily tarot cards reads, email her to book a reading, or catch her at the next Human Influence show or Boss Babes ATX event. You’ll be glad you did.

Madison Wise is a new writer for Human Influence. She resides in Austin, Texas.