Raise Her Voice Revisited, Vol. 2: Jade Vine

by James Stratton

Jade Vine is a self-described "neo-soul / indie jazz" band from right here in Austin, Texas. Kat Gualy, with whom I spoke over email, and her four bandmates - Kinseli Jazz Baricuatro on bass, Alex Duck with the drums, Caitie Butterworth tearing up the alto sax, and Stacie Angew tickling the ivories - came together at St. Edward's University before writing and composing their own music of serenity, soul, and spirit. In our chat, Kat talks about the origins of the band, its musical inspirations, and future album plans:

Left-right: Kinseli Jazz Baricuatro, Alex Duck, Kat Gualy, Caitie Butterworth, and Stacie Agnew

Left-right: Kinseli Jazz Baricuatro, Alex Duck, Kat Gualy, Caitie Butterworth, and Stacie Agnew

Jade Vine at Raise Her Voice, Feb. 2018

Jade Vine at Raise Her Voice, Feb. 2018

Human Influence: How did Jade Vine get together as a group?

Kat Gualy: Most of the members in Jade Vine met some way through the St. Edwards
Jazz Band. Kat and Kinseli Jazz Baricuatro were the two who started the project initially when Kat was on a year off of school to focus on her music and Kinseli was in the right place in her life and she was itching to write music.

Human Influence: Who are y'all's biggest musical influences?

KG: Jade Vine's biggest inspiration is an L.A. smooth soul band called
Moonchild. In addition to that definitely Hiatus Kaiyote, Lianne La
Havas, Emily King, Esperanza Spalding, Erykah Badu, Lake Street Dive,

Human Influence: What has been the greatest challenge overcome as an artist?

KG: Balancing the art and the business of things. It’s not easy for us to
be students who have multiple jobs and are full heartedly committed to
the escalation of this band. Time is infinite, but it feels so

Human Influence: What does the future hold? Any exciting, new projects on the horizon?

KG: Once our semester is over, we're gonna be spending a lot of time
working on our next album. This will be the first that has everyones
creative input involved in the songwriting process, as most of our
originals were written by Kat and Kinseli and then added onto by the
other band members.

Jade Vine is performing next in Austin very soon. After you check out Human Influence's Raise Her Voice showcase this Friday, head on over to Hotel van Zandt: Jade Vine will be performing at Geraldine's at 10:30.

James Stratton is Human Influence's Digital Content Editor. Slide into his DMs on Twitter (@atxfornian) and Instagram (@austifornian).