Tall Black Japan: Never Pass on Good Ramen

by Joseph Bonney 

So I've been living in Japan for about 3 weeks and felt I should talk about 5 dishes that have piqued my interest since being in Japan:

1. Gyoza

Originated in China, but has been adopted by Japanese chefs.  Its a fried dumpling traditionally filled with beef and vegetables (but also pork). Its fried and usually served as a side, but honestly I could eat it as a main dish.


2. Karage

Japanese style boneless fried chicken.  It's like a better version of popcorn chicken.  Traditionally served with rice to make an amazing bento.


3. Rice and Curry

Another popular rice dish that contains a curry sauce.  It has a subtle bean flavor that I enjoy spicy. Sometimes the curry has meats, vegetables, or other goods mixed into the zesty sauce.


4. Ramen

Everyone knows ramen, but Japanese ramen is on another level.  Everything taste good from the noodle, to the broth, the egg, and ham. It's like an artform that many chefs love to play with and make their own.  Never pass on some good ramen.


5. Gyudon

Gyudon is simple, but also easily one of my favorite dishes because of how easy it is.  Its It's a bowl of rice with beef on top. The juices from the meat drip into the rice, and it adds a powerful zesty flavor that I love to no end.  Again easy dish, that taste amazing.


And there you have it! Five dishes I enjoy.  Stay tuned for more of my journeys in Japan.

Joseph Bonney is a contributing writer for Human Influence. Originally from Central Texas, he moved to Matsumoto, Japan, where he teaches English.