Tall Black Japan

by Joseph Bonney


I left my place in San Marcos and started packing the moment I hit Austin. My airline allows for 1 checked luggage, 1 carry on, and my backpack which is filled with drawing tools and my Surface Pro 4.

For people who don't know, I'm headed for Japan. I've taken up a gig to teach kids and adults English through a company called Aeon. They're known as one of the big 4 Eikaiwa (English teaching schools) schools in the country.

And that's all I'm going to say about the company.

I want to devote this blog to be about 3 major things in Japan.

1. My interaction with Japanese Society
2. Japanese culture and life
3. The people of Japan

If you would like to discuss being a teacher at an Eikaiwa or the company Aeon I'm willing to discuss this privately through my email or Instagram (@joebonesart).

Japan is a rich society that feels so alien to western society, yet it's right around the corner. My intention is to be the lense that helps my readers get a perspective of Japan. Thanks to Human Influence for being the platform that allows me to blog to a wider audience. I hope to make this as fulfilling of an experience to you guys as possible.

Stay tuned for more post about myself, my flight, the day long layovers (that will be fun), and eventually landing in Japan!

Joseph Bonney is a contributing writer for Human Influence. From Central Texas, Bonney has moved to Japan, where he will blog about his experiences for H.I. Follow him on Instagram as @joebonesart