Tall Black Japan: Nightlife

by Joseph Bonney (@joebones21)

So you know this was coming. When you're in a foreign land, it's a right of passage to go party amongst the natives. So my co-workers and I took the extra night off we had to do just that!

After maneuvering through the train system, we all managed to make it to Shinjuku: one of the major districts of Tokyo. Its colossal buildings are reminiscent of new york, yet they feel a lot more welcoming. You can find just about anything in any nook and cranny of the place.


We settled in a nice English inspired pub where I was cheered on to get a beer tower. After shamelessly killing one of those, the shots came around. Everyone was enjoying themselves. In Japan drinking is one of the few ways to let off some steam, and is greatly embraced by the people. So it was no shock to see every other table of Japanese people downing drinks.

It's time to Adventure! My crew and I run around the district look for cheap entertainment. Another dope convenience is it's legal to drink alcohol in public in Japan. So you know us rowdy gaijins took advantage of that. Throwing back corner store drinks like they were about to run out. Eventually, we are approached by a man who works as a promoter for a nearby karaoke bar. After enough haggling he let's us in for ¥2000 a person (roughly $20 bucks a head).


Karaoke is the nightlife of Japan. You go up a swanky elevator, to a swanky room, in a swanky building where the posse could do karaoke for the night. We belted our hearts out to the music of yesteryears till it was 3 in the morning. By this point I'm swifty, and we all mutually decide to grab a cab and head home. (The next day hangover is another story).

Joseph Bonney is an English teacher in Japan and a contributing writer to Human Influence. Keep up with him and his art on Twitter (@joebones21) and Instagram (joebonesart).