The Human Influence Sit-Down: Los Angeles' Lou Ridley

interview by James Stratton

Lou Ridley is a singer-song writer, originally from Texas, based out in Los Angeles. Human Influence sat down to chat and get to know her:

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Human Influence: Tell us about yourself. Who is Lou Ridley?

Lou Ridley: A musician from Texas. In Los Angeles temporarily.

HI: How did you get started with music? Both when you first began to play and when you decided to undertake a musical career.

Lou Ridley: I began singing in college. I guess looking back I did it often as a kid but I didn't grow up in a household that considered the arts a career choice, so college. I'll consider it a career later.

Where are all the hurt girls? I see them every day but it seems like no one wants to hear from them.

HI: What inspires you musically?

Lou Ridley: I relive my experiences musically. Does that sound weird? idk. When I think back on something that happened to me I hear it as a song.  When I write, I put myself back into a moment and that becomes the song. No thinking, no top-line is this a hit type shit, Just the experience - audibly. So my experiences inspire me.

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HI: Who features on your playlist?

Lou Ridley: Loscil, Fleetwood Mac, Sam Smith, Amy Winehouse, Yaeji, King Krule, Daniel Daesar, Bill Withers.

HI: Any upcoming projects?

Lou Ridley: I released an album yesterday [Ed. note: Grey released Jan. 12, 2018]

HI: What is the most unexpected thing you have learned on your path as a creative artist?

Lou Ridley: Most of our female idols are sold to us as faultless, perfect creatures. Where are all the hurt girls? I see them every day but it seems like no one wants to hear from them. If I can package my hurt in a way that makes sense, maybe that will change. I didn't expect to think this way.

James Stratton is Human Influence's Digital Content Editor; slide into his DMs on Twitter and Instagram