The Summer Session

The Human Influence Summer Session is an annual event that brings the world's most creative individuals to one small classroom in Austin, Texas. 

Led by Professor Frizzle, the students spends hours collaborating on fresh new ideas to inspire.


This two-day crash course strives to heighten each student's sense of style, purpose, and self.

Here at Human Influence we allow the individual an opportunity to learn, to express, and to play.


Professor Frizzle pushes her students to the absolute limits to convert their potential into consistency

The curriculum forces even the most gifted of students to dig deep and analyze the world around them


The second day of class becomes very interactive as the students form into groups to explore new avenues.

Every year there is always at least one student that needs a push from Professor Frizzle to get over that hump.

Human Influence welcomes the new Class of 2015 Influencers

We hope to see you next year!

Photography by Amyn Kassam